Rock, Paper, Scissors

The bible says to consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. This past Saturday, as I was taking a walk, I did just that. I get discouraged and frustrated at times with people and the things they do.

I was pondering this, and talking to the Lord about it. I say talking, but really I was complaining; something no one should do, but we are all guilty of it.
Anyway, I noticed the weeds and grass pushing up through the cracks in the sidewalk and encroaching on the edges. I saw where grass had broken up the corners of a square of pavement.

I realized that there was a wealth of instruction in this. Consider the lillies. The bible also says that creation shows the handiwork of God. In other words, creation testifies of the Creator. Man makes rules, but God overrules. The grass, the weeds, and the sidewalk are proof and evidence.

Think about grass–you can kill it so easily, in a variety of ways–poison it, mow it, deny it water–they will scorch and dry up from the otherwise life giving sun. But then look at the concrete. Concrete is considered to be a strong thing. Grass is a weak thing. However, give grass a little time and it will bust up concrete and make dust out of it, literally.

God made the grass; man made the concrete. God wins again. “The weakness of God is stronger than the strength of men” (bible). Not that God has any weaknesses–He doesn’t (it may not be clear which god I am talking about–Jesus), but the weakest thing in God’s creation–grass–is stronger than anything man can make. If you don’t believe me, park a car in a grassy area for about a year. Then come back and see what condition the car is in. Just something to think about.

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