Dating and Marriage

image from fanpop.comMarriage is difficult; it seems like everyone has an opinion on marriage. I have heard all kinds of things: “go into mariage with your eyees wide open and half-closed ever after.” That one makes sense; I could paraphrase it like this: “know what you are getting yourself into before you get married and be prepared to overlook a lot afterward.”

Then again, when put that way, it doesn’t soud like such good advice after all; there are some things you don’t want to overlook–like alcoholism or a bad temper.

You might see some clues that the person you want to marry has bad tendencies, but they may not be that easy to spot; especially if you don’t know what clues to look for, or if  the person is good at hiding the signs.

It helps to know be able to recognize the warning signs, during the dating phase. Here is some information I found online:

Signs of a loser

You can read the rest of this article at

There are also warning signs that the other person is only interested in sex:

First date warning signals

You can read the rest of these warning signals at

Teenagers can have dating problems too; it is worse for a teenager because they often lack the maturity and life skills to know what to do in such a situation. They may feel as though they can’t talk to anyone about it. Therefore, here are some tips specifically for teen dating:

1. He Constantly Checks In on You
If your sweetie’s attentive and asks you about your life, that’s fantastic. But if he constantly calls you and expects a full report on where you’ve been and who you’ve been with, then something more sinister’s going on.

2. She Lies to You
Relationships can’t survive unless you trust each other, and if your partner abuses that trust by lying to you, it’s a relationship that isn’t worth keeping. A couple of white lies are forgivable. Lying regularly, or lying about important stuff, is absolutely not.

3. He Won’t Let You Talk to Other Guys
Don’t stand for this form of relationship abuse. You’re allowed to talk to anyone of any gender you want. If your sweetie is suspicious of something, he should have a mature conversation with you about it, but he’s not allowed to control your behavior.

Many of these sound just like “The Loser” of our first example; which just goes to show how ingrained those behavior patterns can be. You can read the rest of this list at

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