The Fine Line, conclusion, by guest essayist Amy Fernaays

Somewhere in the middle a casualty of war exists in the form of privately owned businesses. Reservists that own a company must find someone to run their company while they are deployed. For some reservists this means shutting down a business and losing everything to service their country.  The men and women that served to […]

The Fine Line, part 5, by guest essayist Amy Fernaays

Leaving a job, even with a modest guarantee that it will be there when you get back is a hard task. For the working military, the fear of being replaced, and not being able to support their family only adds to the trauma soldiers’ face on the battlefield every day. To make matters worse, there […]

Repost: Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor:My Interview with Poet and Author Sherry Lee Knight Introduction: What makes a great writer? A long time ago, a pair of twin sisters lived in a small, poverty-stricken village. Their names were Nature and Tragedy. These sisters grew up, and married a pair of brothers. The sisters became pregnant, and both delivered sons, […]

I’m Adding book reviews!

Pitcher of lemonade in the sunshine

    I have some exciting news for you,  lovely readers…..I will soon be adding book reviews. Here is a list of the genres I will be reviewing: Fiction Nonfiction Historical Fiction Historical Romance Anthologies Poetry Christian Fiction Mythology & Folk Tales Young Adult Children’s Books Biographies & Memoirs Comics & Graphic Novels Mystery, Thriller, […]